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Agricultural Loans

Let’s Grow Your Agri-Business

Our roots run deep in agriculture lending. Since 1911, GreenLeaf Bank has assisted Wisconsin farmers in running successful operations. Our Ag Services provide lending solutions to fund your agriculture operation. We understand the unpredictability of the Ag economy and work with you to create financing suited to your operation and a payment schedule to match your needs.


Real Estate Loans

Let’s Cultivate some growth using your facilities as collateral. Ag Real Estate Loans offer the best terms for your operation and can assist you in driving the growth of your business. We can use the following security to fund your business:

  • Farmland
  • Buildings
  • Facilities

Equipment and Capital Loans

Property Loans are perfect for the acquisition of equipment, machinery, facilities, vehicles or debt restructuring. We’ll help fund your longer-term needs with affordable payments today.

  • New or used equipment financing
  • Purchase of livestock
  • Secured with personal property, livestock, or machinery
  • Flexible repayment terms

Operating Loans/Lines of Credit

Operating Loans provide working capital for your business. A seasonal line of credit helps fund inventory and carry accounts receivable during business peaks. We’ll provide your operation the cash it needs, when it’s needed.

  • Used for farm operating expenses
  • Secured by real estate or personal property (livestock or machinery)

FSA Guaranteed Loans

Farm Service Agency Loans provide funds to family-sized farmers to start, improve, expand, transition, and strengthen family farming. These loans provide financing when conventional terms may not be an option.

Types of Loans Available:

  • Line of credit loans for operating purposes
  • Personal property loans on livestock and machinery
  • Real estate loans on land and buildings
  • Loans are funded and serviced by the bank
  • Farm Service Agency can guarantee up to 90% of the outstanding loan balance

Specialty Loans 


Crop Relief Outreach Program (CROP)

  • Up to 90% guarantee on loans up to $100,000.00
  • For services or consumable goods necessary to produce an agricultural commodity, such as fertilizer, seed, fuel, animal feed, land rent or WHEDA fees
  • To be eligible the borrower must be currently operating a farm premise; Borrower's debt to asset ratio must be 40% or greater; and farm must be located in Wisconsin

Farm Asset Reinvestment Management (FARM)

  • Lesser of: 25% of the FARM loan; or borrower's net worth including the FARM loan; or maximum $200,000 guarantee ($100,000 if using other government financed programs)
For the acquisition of agricultural assets such as machinery, equipment, facilities, land, livestock; improvements to facilities or land for agricultural purposes or WHEDA fees. 

Payment Protection

Optional Credit Life & Disability Insurance insures that your loan will be repaid in the event of your death or disability.